Artist Submissions

Hear2heaL Gallery & Frame welcomes artists whose work compliments our slogan "LISTEN With Your EYES". Every great image leaves an impression on the viewer which moves them towards wellness and solution. Depending on the individual work of art combined with the needs of the individual viewer, the message may be one of may be one of acceptance, or it may simply touch the heart in pleasure. Such is art. It's effect is as individual as the viewer. We offer art which relaxes, rejuvenates and refreshes. Please no violent images, even the predatory acts of nature do not belong here. We 'shy away' from sadness and will not post scenes of destruction or loss of life. We limit political and religious viewpoints, and will not include any image which is anti-American or anti-Christian.

The collection of work the viewer finds here brings uplift to the spirit
and must be acceptable for family viewing.

If you are an artist with 2-dimensional works of art, including fine art photography or digital art, and would like to be considered for inclusion into our gallery, please call us anytime Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am-6 pm and make an appointment to have your work reviewed. Depending on the current work load, we generally ask for you to leave your art with us for one week, and possibly 2 weeks to be photographed.

Titles and descriptions of your art or .jpeg digital files should be sent to us by email at