About Our Name


Our name is our mission statement.
Any great piece of art tells a story and we ask our viewers to "LISTEN With Your EYES".
Each will hear a different story; each will see a unique perspective.
Some will recall a pleasant memory; some will embrace a present yearning.

The Art of Photography serves as a time recorder. Photographs document the present experience,
saving a tangible vision of the past and leaving an image for the future to recall.
The number 2 is a biblical symbol representing witness.
A photograph bears witness of a precise moment in time.

The Creative Ability of an artist who draws and/or paints comes from beyond
the artist and manifests itself through the artist's hand.
The artist is always the first to view what the spirit feels,
and is often amazed themselves at the piece of art they have created.
Their talent begins with the ability to receive a previously untold message,
then develop that message into the story told with their finished work of art.
An artist brings into the physical realm that which was only an impression in the unseen world of emotion.

Hear2heaL reflects the Artistry of Creation.
Our paintings and photographs are soothing and healing,
serving as reminders of the Beauty in Life and where to set the focus in living.

Relax, Rejuvenate and Refresh.